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The Competitive Edge, LLC started as a small advertising and marketing company. We were reselling advertising services for a variety of source companies. This remains a core part of our business. But we soon realized that there was more to offer than just marketing services.

What drives us
Our business philosophy is helping companies measure and mark their marketing potential and growth. This extends deeper than just selling or representing a variety of companies, we offer a hands off consultative approach allowing for dynamic evaluations of processes and programs.

Mr. Jeff Evans most recently worked at Team Velocity Marketing, where he capitalized on his years of district management experience, strong dealer relationships and extensive finance background. There, he worked in a consulting capacity to help dealers understand how to leverage back-end service marketing and sales to increase their absorption ratios. Dealers appreciated Jeff’s unique talent for demonstrating how advertising directly impacts the bottom line. With a background as an adjunct professor at James Madison University (teaching class sizes over 100+) while working full-time for Chrysler Motors, LLC, Jeff brings a unique dynamic to dealership relations. While at Chrysler, he worked multiple districts simultaneously, handling over 30 dealerships from single point to metro-alpha stores.

Jeff became an invaluable asset to Chrysler’s Mid-Atlantic business center dealers and staff, thoroughly understanding the how the various dealership functions interrelate, from fixed operations, sales and marketing and dealership financials through manufacturer wholesale operations. A hallmark of his career is his ability to network with peers and executives from all areas of industry. With contacts inside and across the automotive industry, Jeff has personal connections with persons in all of the major automotive players and dealer organizations: Penske Auto, Chrysler, JD Powers, Ford, Suburban Auto Group, Lafontaine Auto Group, Aspen Marketing, JRSI/Imperial Marketing, Toyota, Audi/VW, Honda and Subaru. He has an MBA from the University of Tennessee with a focus in Marketing and Finance. Coupled with this degree are his undergraduate in English and his post-graduate work in International Marketing.

Before Chrysler, Jeff worked in the automotive industry as a product development manager for an aftermarket parts company. He also worked as a sales person in a dealership during graduate school. Evans’ district management experience started in the insurance industry, where worked with one of the worst performing districts in the company, Long Island, NY. With a team of 3 co-workers, Jeff and his team were able to take NY from bottom 5 to top 3 (of 47) in 6 months.

Jeff possesses a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing & Finance from the University of Tennessee, an International Marketing Post-Graduate Masters Certificate from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & English from Lee University.

The Competitive Edge, LLC was formed in 2006 as part of my classroom teaching experiences with my students. Since then, we have ramped into a full scale consulting agency, offering clients a variety of advertising and marketing options.

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Contact Us

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